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Have you ever asked yourself what a classic turn-based strategy game like „Battle Isle“ or „Panzer General“ would look like today?

What modern technology and graphics would add to such a game? Well, we actually did and as a result we decided to bring back this great genre with its unique gameplay experience. We did this for you, for ourselves, and for all the other gamers out there who are into turn-based strategy games.

We developed this game together with you, the players. We organized the development as transparent as possible. This means that we regularly created new versions of the game that were available to everyone who pre-ordered the game or backed it on Kickstarter. You were able to test it and share your feedback, improvement suggestions and wishes in the forum.

Anyone interested was able to discuss with us in the forum and help make Battle Worlds: Kronos the best game that we could develop together!

Be part of the community and join the forum!


The good stuff - True & challenging turn-based strategy gameplay for experienced gamers.

Single Player Campaigns - Fight for the



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